Buyers Need Some Serious Advice!

Your mom and dad finally win, you are going to buy your own home. When doing so, having a better understanding of the process and making sure you have a qualified professional agent by your side will help you navigate your first  purchase. Here are some steps or tips to help. It is a process but this is simplified. Get pre-approved, which is a ...

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Keeping yourself safe from those high tech burglars

When dealing with real estate, the issue of home protection is always in someone's mind. When buying  home, you may want to start thinking about which system, if any, you would like to use to protect your home. Burglaries, fires, carbon monoxide, and other detection issues can save lives. It isn't wrong to not have these things, it just depend ...

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Jobs and Real Estate in the Inland Empire

 Real Estate in the Inland Empire has been making news for a while. It is because we have a very unique market in relation to the rest of Southern California. Rentals, investor flips, and owner occupied property are accessible to almost anyone. The same story does not ring true in almost every other part of California. On January 7th, Forbes. ...

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Cant Build Up Go Underground

 There is a crazy new trend emerging in London real estate. It is something that has been done for a really long time all over the world but is very scarce. So many people think the bigger a house is the better, right? Well how do we measure how big a house is without knowing the square footage? It's simple, we see it! We look at the house and ...

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Here is When You Know You're About to Make Critical Errors in Choosing a Landlord!

 If rent is too cheap, it is most likely too good to be true. There is always a reason that someone would be asking a lot less than they can possibly ask for a rental. The property most likely needs a lot of hidden repairs. Ask yourself honestly, if you were to own a place and wish to rent it out, why wouldn't you ask for market value? There w ...

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